Officiating Program

Referees make the game safe and enjoyable for everyone

AYSO referees do more than just enforce the Laws of the Game. Their job is to make sure the game is safe and enjoyable for everyone: the players, the coaches, the spectators—and themselves.

  • Referee training that teaches not only the letter of the law, but the "Spirit of the Game."
  • Six levels of AYSO referee training.
  • USSF cross-certification.
  • Training for referee instructors, administrators and assessors.
  • Ready, Set Ref! video and workbook for new referees.
  • Youth Referee Program.
  • AYSO referees are volunteers, so we want to be sure they have as much fun as the players do.

So . . . what are we looking for?

  • Referee trainers for our high school staff
    • Model AYSO Ref'ing
    • Observe Student Referees
    • Correct Student Referees
  • What does AYSO Ref'ing look like?
    • Coaching players on proper throw-in technique
      • Back foot MUST be on the ground or team loses possession
      • Throw-ins must be done behind the sideline
    • Keepers (soccer doesn't have "goalies - hockey has goalies)
      • Where to place the ball on a goal kick and reminder not to kick the ball to the center of the field
      • Bringing dropkicks and/or throws to the edge of the penalty box
    • Training Assistant Referees (A/R's) for U11 games
      • A/R's need to be trained to be in line with the second to last defender
      • Signal for foot faults on throw-ins
      • Signal for violations - handballs, pushing, etc.