Management Program

Springfield AYSO Leadership 

A smooth running program means more fun for everyone and AYSO provides extensive management training for its volunteers. Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced Regional Management courses teach AYSO's league administrators how to manage their local programs.  AYSO also provides in-depth operational manuals to assist administrators at every level in all aspects of their AYSO program.

  • Regional Commissioner: Brian Michaels (2013-present)
    • Assistant to the Regional Commissioner: OPEN
  • Referee Administrator: Dawn Bryson (2016-present)
    • Assistant Referee Administrator: OPEN
  • Coach Administrator: Jason Castanza (2021-present)
    • Assistant Coach Administrator: OPEN
  • Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN
    • Responsible for tracking ALL volunteers
      • Ensuring background checks have cleared
      • Tracking volunteer training and certifications
      • Ensuring volunteers are informed of training opportunities
  • Treasurer: Dawn Bryson (2016-present)
  • Registrar: OPEN
    • Assistant Registrar: OPEN
  • Scheduler: OPEN
    • Assistant to scheduler: OPEN
  • Communications Manager: OPEN
    • Assistant Communications Manager: OPEN
  • Division Coordinators - responsible for the communications to the Coaches in their division
    • U6 - OPEN
    • U7 - OPEN
    • U9 - OPEN
    • U11 - OPEN
  • Regional Secretary: OPEN
    • Responsible for maintaining contact information of all volunteers
    • Responsible for assisting in email communications with Players, Parents and Volunteers